Grainne Cotter and The Blue Moods

So somehow they ended up here... and I'm glad they did!


No more clients

Studio is no longer taking clients. I use it for personal usage and work with friends.

If anyone would like to make a long-term deal, I'm open to suggestions, but I am no longer intersted in short projects.


Here is my latest piece with Maja Elliott and Úna NÍ Fhlannagain


She dared to do a Sarah Brightman cover - Superbly :) !

One of the the most amazing things in working at a recording studio is that you never know what voice will come out of someone's mouth until they are in the live room. Today was one of those surprise cases. She looks like a 'normal' 20 y/o girl, but then she started singing... I didn't expect this  !


Maja Elliott on the piano

 Maja Elliott is one of the most talented people I met. She also played with Anthony and the Johnsons and collaborated wtih one of my favourite bands - Current 93. 


Here are a few recent recordings of her playing solo piano.



Chris Nash recording Lucy Larkin

Chris Nash working with Lucy Larkin on her song "Blue Eyes"
The video shows the recording process and the final result.



and the full song:

Post punk/metal Filthspitter live

Just finished 2 days with Arklow's Filthspitter. 

On the first day we set the instruments and recorded 9 tracks live. 

On the second we mixed/mastered. 


and here is the title track, from "Recipe for recession"


I'm not a flute player as you will notice from the 1st milisecond, but got this new instrument which is really cool and I had to share it with yous. So when you play like in a regular flute it also produces an extra sound of a 1st, 5th or octave - you decide which with a cork... and when you press a wee thing with your thumb it sounds like a flute, but when you don't it's a more harsh sound. I like it!

Live recording when the guitar is louder than the voice

I capture most singer/songwriters acoustic tracks live. 


Usually it's not a problem, but when Judith sang - we had a problem: her guitar playing was louder than her singing. 


We could have recorded the guitar and then overdub the vocals, but that would have been a sacrifice, so I thought of using the SE Reflexion Filter to isolate the microphone from the guitar and the results were pleasing - we achieved a nice balance between the voice and the guitar. 


A New member on board!


Chris Nash A Dublin Born Singer Songwriter, Now living In Co. Galway.
Chris Is An Experienced Songwriter and Recording Musician.
He Plays Regularly In Galway and Throughout Ireland
Having Played Throughout Europe, Now He is Currently Recording His Own Album of Original Material Tentatively Called 'Picking Up Mercury'

Aoife Bheilbigh. One girl, one guitar

Never heard Aoife before, so when she sat and this came out I was truly delighted.

no auto-tune, no gizmos, just one girl and one guitar. doesn't need anything else.


link to youtube channel