Congolese Rhumba

Fern Floor - Progressive Irish

When 2 members of doom metal band "Wreck of the Hesperos" told me that they now play in a band with piano, flute and pipes, I was very very curious!


So the band arrived for 3 wonderful and intensive recording days and I just love their stuff. We managed a 6 tracks EP (which they are releasing on tape!) and here is one of the tracks.


The Bee's Niece, 2nd time

The Bee's Niece were here less than 2 years ago (here is the old blog post) and it was an amazing experience. The plan this time was to record Ragenhild on guitar and vocals, little bit of saw and a few touches of other instruments. very modest...


That was the PLAN! but since most of the musicians who came onboard were multi-instrumentalists and SO brilliant, we ended up with arrangements bordering orchestral...


Brian Adams piano and vocals cover

Sang by Vanessa Long and accompanied by Aisling Ryan (from the band Mrs Henry)


Taken from their album  "One Take", which indeed was mostly one take


Sean-nós dancing, cajon, daf and bodhran!

These 3 people met at the studio and after a couple of hours managed to do this wonderful collaboration.

Szymon is playing the bodhran and cajon.

Emma O'Sullivan - Sean-nos dancing

Ali Raza playing the daf


Reggae, dub, hiphop and electronica producer.

Producer Vincent Rateau will be working at the studio from the middle of March until the middle of May. Vincent's forte is Reggae, dub, hiphop and electronica.


If you would like to work with Vincent, please call to book your place.


You can check some of Vincent's work at:


(Vincent's stage name is Rastilo)

Video by the Sumbrellas

The Sumbrellas shot this video at the studio while recording their song.
The full track is available on the samples page.

New testimonial from Noiz Entertainment LTD

Shay Leon is one of the best sound engineers with whom we have worked. He is patient, dedicated and constantly thinks outside the box. He is one of the few engineers that does not impose his own views on how a musician or singer should sound. Instead, he works to deliver the sound that his clients seek. He has a relaxed and easy going presence that immediately puts performers at ease.

Paul Quin

Noiz Entertainment LTD

Free style piano and drums improvisation

Max Krock was recording his piano improvisations album when we heard that drummer Simon Kenny was passing through Loughrea. I setup the drums and around 6 Simon arrived.

The guys never met before, but played for a delightful hour.


Camera work is horrible since I didn't want to destroy the music flow for the sake of the video.

My Fellow Sponges

Live recording of Galway's awesome "My Fellow Sponges"


link to youtube channel