Salsa anyone?

Barcelona based salsa group "Ocho Punto G" has an Argentinian pianist, singer from Dominican Republic, brass players from France and bass player from Puerto Rico. 


Still - they ended up recording this song in Ireland. 


This is probably not the final mix as they are back in November. 

Song starts at about 2minutes, but worth seeing it from the beginning. 


Black Metal Crom Cruach and some awesome photography!

From Wicklow, black metal band Crom Cruach came to record their album.


The whole albm was recorded live. Drums, vocals and a guitar that was connected to both bass and guitar amps.


Super talented photographer Kelvin Gilmor came for a visit and took some awesome photographs.


Crom Cruach black metal drummer

Another great surprise

Got a call from a mom who got a two hours gift voucher for her daughter.


I thought they are going to record a couple of tracks using backing tracks, but Emma Langford arrived with her trusty guitar.


She then sang one song after the other, originals and great cover versions. It was so good, effortless and quick that I had to take my old video camera and record one of the song.


Here is one of Emma's originals: Quiet Giant


Recording outside with New Zeland band The Broken Heartbreakers

While adjusting the mics in the studio, band members of the New Zeland band The Broken Heartbreakers were jamming outside. It was a beautiful day and John said "Hey - why don't we record the whole thing outside, with the bird calls". Great idea :) and less work for me!


So we recorded the lot outside, videotaped the session and then added the words to this wonderful song.


Recording Martin Hogan's "My Angel"

Got an email wtih two beautiful tracks sang with guitar and vocals.

Martin wanted to have a full band performing this song, so made a few calls, and e were lucky to get this amazing team on board.

This video was taken while the guys were practising.


Eileen called and said that her 18 years old son would like to record some music. She said he never recorded before and she would like to give it  to him as a gift, to help him decide what he  wants to do with his music.


Garreth McNamara playing guitar


Pianist Darren Lane

Daren Lane came to the studio to record some great classical and traditional Irish music on the piano.


I put on the samples page one of his Chopin waltzs and here are two videos - one with 3 jigs and one with 3 hornpipes.

Another live classic by Colm McGuinness

Once again, Colm McGuinness came to record a few classics on his guitar.

This one is "Have you ever seen peaches" by Jimmy Lee Williams

and here is another one. While editing this video my dog came and did backing vocals. I shot that with the phone's camera and added it to the original

Recording MacDara Ó Raghallaigh in Newtown, Co. Meath

Recording MacDara Ó Raghallaigh in Newtown

It has been such a pleasurable weekend! Was picked up by Paul Quin and together we drove to Newtown, Co. Meath to record MacDara Ó Raghallasigh, who is one of Ireland's finest trad fiddle players.

Awesome review in the Galway Advertiser

I couldn't have wished for a better review:

Galway Advertiser Review

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