'The Death of Queen Jane' Fred Johnston and Sylvia Crawford

Fred Johnston (who is familiar to many as an author and critic) and Sylvia Crawford came to the studio to record a song. Since it was a hot day, they didn't want to leave their dog, Rufus, in the car, so we had to acquaint him with our Dog, Cinnamon. We thought the best place to do this is the nearby 1500AD castle, as it has a lot of place to run and play. After 5 minutes of playing "who is the boss", Rufus and Cinnamon became best friends.                       

As it happened, the song Fred and Sylvia recorded was from the same period as the castle!

'The Death of Queen Jane' discusses the death of Jane Seymour, wife to Henry VIII, who gave birth to Edward VI of England on October 12th, 1537. Jane Seymour died twelve days later.

Sylvia Crawford: musical arrangement, keyboards, fiddles, harp, finger cymbals
Fred Johnston: vocals, guitar, bowed psaltery

The song will be mastered and released on the "Sean Agus Nua Ceol" album which will be launched during the Galway arts festival in July this year.

Sylvia Crawford playing wire-string harp

Fred Johnston playing guitar

Fred Johnston playing bowed psaltery

It can take the mp3 player a few seconds to appear. Here's the song:

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