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An x-mas song about big white snowy balls

Deirsey, Pat McCourt and Peter came to record two new tracks - one - a song about Limerick, and the other - a new xmas song about big white snowy balls which sounds to me like something chef from south park would have written had he been Irish.


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New website for Ireland's greatest accordion player.

Joe Burke had a website. Unfortunately it was hosted with UTV, their server crashed one day and they didn't have a backup!


This lad to a brand new website which went online today.


The site has over 250 photos! from Joe's long career and Ireland's history. It also has audio samples from the albums he released through the years (a good part of which were remastered here). Joe's "NO Thanks" page shows his great humour even when someone gets on  his nerves...


Johny Gaughan. Great musician and only 16.

The weakest part in many young bands is usually vocals, so expectations were not very high when 16 y/o John wanted to record a few tracks live.


but... I truly had an amazing day. Both the lyrics and vocals were truly great for any age and I'll definitely be following this guy's career.


Here's one of Johny's tracks which was recorded live at the studio. I hope to get a permission to post his acoustic versions to Poker face and Billy Jean as well - they were awesome.


The Guts recorded their 14 tracks album LIVE

The Guts wanted to capture a live album recording and so we did.


In one day we recorded, mixed and mastered their 14 tracks album, and we are all happy with the result. The average for a rock band is 2 tracks per day, so I was quite impressed!


For one of the tracks I took the video camrea to the live room.


Voiceover for Google map street view.

A couple of days ago I got a request to do a quick VO work in Irish.

It was a pleasent surprise to find it a day later on Google street view :)

Terry's Plugins


The Bees Niece, Norway, a saw and an eco-friendly house.

A couple of years ago I encountered "The bees niece" on myspace. The name got me intrigued, and I had a listen.

I loved it from the first note - the music was awesome and the lyrics extremely funny. All of this was done with complete non-chalance and balance, without even one unnecesarry note.

I sent the band an e-mail, but since they are located in Norway and Manchester didn't really expect to meet them.

Seanua, Galway Bay FM, Galway Advertiser

Seanua album is about to be launched, and we got a wonderful article in the Galway Advertiser (thank you Mr Quinn!):


We also visited Galway Bay FM where the following images were taken

Galway Bay FM's Vinnie talking to Jule and Shay

Strain the Spuds! Live trad music at the studio

It has been a very lively Saturday, with a great trad band from Co. Leash.


The 5 piece band, with the unforgetable name "Strain the Spuds" recorded a set of 10 tracks - 8 tracks with words and another 2 instrumentals.


The band did everything in one or two takes, so we had time to also mix and master the tracks on the day.


"Seanua" album launch, 13th of August

Seanua album cover

"Seanua" has 12 Galway artists in different genres, from Indian music to rock. 

This is going to be a big launch. Ticket price: 10 Euro, including free CD.

Following artists will perform on the night:

link to youtube channel